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Idaho States Recap, Moving, Newsletter

What’s up guys?! Wait this isn’t YouTube…

What up?

That’s better. Speaking of YouTube I just finished editing together a video of local thrower (like lives in Nampa, ID where we are located, what are the chances) named Paul Harness, who took some time after winning the state title for the 3rd consecutive year to record a few badass tricks on our Sprout prototype. I was stoked to say the least, Paul’s skills continue to climb and having him put our Sprout through its paces was intimidating and exciting to witness all at once.

Here’s the video:

So speaking of Idaho States, that was a really fun contest, and we were very excited to be there, sponsor the event, and I got to Judge it again, which is always a pleasure. I noticed some trends while judging, mainly stop looking at your damn feet and interact with the audience. Seriously like two of you looked up. Anyways, we shared a table with Zipline Strings, (also a local company, where are all these local yo-yoers coming from?) the owner Jeremy and his wife Danielle (go figure [my wife’s name is also Danyel] right?!), and got to try some of their products and talk about business and plug our ears when the kendama guys got too excited.

It was a really great time, a lot of people got to try the Sprout, even more tried and bought Roots (get your own Roots here, doooo itttt….) and we found out it’s a great yo-yo from someone other than our own bias selves. Self? I don’t have multiple personalities as far as I know, as long as you don’t ask anyone who knows me personally. So the contest was a blast, we paid off the supplies we bought to make Roots for the contest, and I stayed up 48 hours making them. My head still hurts from it. I mean I am only 27 years old… I am most definitely too young to feel this tired all the time.

Next on the agenda is MOVING! I’m moving again. Well my family is moving again! We are moving about 5 minutes away from where we live now (that’s how you judge distance in Idaho) and the house we are moving into is amazing. It’s just about a century old at this point (if not older) and it has a garage (aka the new Burgeon Yo-Yo’s HQ) that is twice the size of my current one and will be dedicated to making amazing yo-yo’s, yo-yo products, recording awesome content, and perhaps even holding a few lessons in if I can find any willing victims…

That is all worth mentioning mainly because it’s throwing a monkey-wrench into my production time for a short while. We found out after Idaho States that we were moving this weekend, so everything got put on pause and I started moving furniture, packing boxes, painting, and cleaning. So if you order anything between now and Monday I won’t be getting started working on your order until Monday (the 1st of May 2017 if you are reading this 20 years from now, you stalker) but I have made up for that by giving you $5 off a Roots if you buy it through our Facebook Page today (FixedFriday yo). If you buy it through this website then you’re donating the $5 to us getting better tools and growing the business. Thank you if you do that!

The last thing to mention is we’re starting an email list for a weekly newsletter. Haven’t 100% worked out the plans for the newsletter but for now I will use it to let you know what happened in the prior week. So they’ll go out on Friday I guess… Man building the chute on the way down is fun, ain’t it? Go sign up here. See you later, hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Michael Montgomery

About Michael Montgomery

Michael Montgomery is the owner of Burgeon Yo-Yos and Little Oak. Both of which are businesses he is building to further his passions.