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Making Yo-Yo’s, New Protos, and Idaho States

Hey guys, hope you’ve been well! Doing pretty good myself, made a lot of progress in the past week. At least I feel like I did haha! There are three main things I wanted to mention in case the title of this article didn’t make it clear enough. I am going to start with the protos though!

New Sprout Yo-Yo Prototypes are in!

V1 Sprout

Old and Inferior

New and Improved!

We finally have the new Sprout prototypes and oh my god are they amazing! Such a night and day difference between the first version and the second. Yes we did have to lose the fingerspin cup but honestly I couldn’t get it to work right and at the end of the day it felt like a gimmick to get a badly balanced yo-yo to sell.

The problem with the fingerspin cup was twofold. For one that thing about balancing before? Yea the original model likes to tilt if you aren’t paying 100% attention to your hands being parallel, and if you’re anything like me when you are creating a trick you don’t really want to think about your hands lining up, you want to think about the next dope element. Well the redistribution of the weight totally changed the inner cup of the yo-yo. For two, the gimmick.

I see a lot of people doing fingerspins in videos on Instagram but it really feels like a fad. Tricks have spawned from that feature, definitely, but it seems like once the Skyva came out and everyone realized that a simple design element change and suddenly this was the easiest trick in the world everyone did it for a week and it stopped.

I was definitely swept up in that excitement. The fingerspin cup was designed mid 2016, around the time that the Skyva came out and Andrew and I posted our unboxings and reviews for our giveaway. I had to have that feature in my yo-yo. But time passed, I stopped doing fingerspins, and decided I hated the idea because my first batch of protos didn’t perform how I needed them to perform, they performed how I wanted them to perform more than six months ago. So when it finally sunk in that I shouldn’t take this design to market because I couldn’t stand behind it I adjusted it.

We moved more weight to the edge, gave the interior hub a smoother transition from each level of material left, but left the outside looking the same. This gives us a very unique looking yo-yo and amazing weight distribution so that it plays like run of the mill competition yo-yo. What’s not to like? Haha, oh my bias self…

Making Yo-Yos

Two yo-yo blanks laid out all artistically and shitIf you’ve browsed the rest of our website at all, follow our Instagram, or watch my YouTube videos, you may already know I’m making some yo-yos myself. If you didn’t know, “Hi, I’m Michael, and I’m making yo-yo’s out of wood in my garage.” Now you know. So I have a basic workspace set up, my tools are in complete disarray because I never organized them before now. And I’m living in constant fear of my drill and its holesaw. I need to get a drill press. Anyways, we launched the Roots as our first yo-yo we could make ourselves. It’s a very good but simply fixed axle yo-yo. It does feel a little heavy so I may reduce it’s diameter but the nice thing about making them myself is I can change that whenever I want!

So right now I am making two yo-yos. A Roots for a special project that I don’t know if I’m allowed to talk about yet and a second yo-yo that’ll probably end up looking like a Duncan Profly. It will be different enough in the end that it’s obviously it’s own yo-yo. I’m kicking around the idea of putting some Buzz-On style weight rings in or on it in a bearingized version. We’ll see what happens with that. Mostly I’m chasing the most reliable design for beginners learning this hobby via traditional yo-yoing as well as those with advanced skills that are wanting a good dependable yo-yo to learn or perform fixie style tricks on. More pictures and video when I’m done, I couldn’t finish tonight because my camera battery died.

Note to self: buy a few spare batteries.

Proud Sponsor of Idaho States!

This is something I’m extremely excited about. Idaho states is coming in a few weeks and I will be a judge and a sponsor. It feels great to know I can now support the same contest I took the title for five years ago. I do wish I could compete but with a new baby on the way and a wife on bedrest it’s a little hard to put in the many hours per day that are required to perform a flawless routine. So this is the next best thing. Maybe it’s the best? Time will tell! But I will have some Sprout protos with me and I’ve been told I can have a table (still working out the details) so if that’s still the case I will have some more Roots finished to sell at the event.

That’s all for now, I hope you guys are doing great! This has been a lot of fun for me and seeing your excitement for the new things we’ve been putting out has been very motivating! Thank you all!

Comment question: What is your all time favorite yo-yo fad? Could even been other skill toys that suddenly all the industry started picking up for no reason. (That’s never happen three times in the past decade… never never never…)

Michael Montgomery

About Michael Montgomery

Michael Montgomery is the owner of Burgeon Yo-Yos and Little Oak. Both of which are businesses he is building to further his passions.