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Welcome to our new website

Hey everyone, in case you don’t know, this is Michael Montgomery. I wanted to welcome you to Burgeon Yo-Yo’s official website. Here we will showcase the production of our yo-yo’s and other yo-yo related products; the customization; give you a behind the scene’s look at how we do things; and of course give you plenty of opportunities to buy a yo-yo that is like none else! This company was started as one of those backburner dreams. Something I decided I would do someday, but like it does for most that day never seemed to come.

I realized a few months ago it never would come unless I did something about it, so I started recording a daily vlog called living off autopilot and decided building this company would be one of the major focuses of that series; in an effort to force myself to take action. It worked well. We launched a successful fundraiser to produce a few prototypes of our initial design for the yo-yo we are calling the Sprout. The Sprout was one of those ideas that comes to you as if from no where, you have to jot it down on a piece of paper-towel because you know you’d regret it if you forgot it before you could get it on paper.

At the moment the Sprout is waiting on funds to finish testing the second prototype of the overall design. From the first run to the second the outside of the design is staying the same. That shape helps this yo-yo stand apart from the crowd while still being functional and with the new prototype we are confident it will become a very solid and reliable initial design for our company. While we wait on the funds to come together to finish the next step in this process we’ve been working on another philosophy.

That is basically doing everything in our power to take another step forward. So long as a step is towards our dream destination of creating the largest sustainable community of yo-yoers on the planet to date then we will find a step to take. It would behoove us to make these steps generate income so that we can continue moving forward towards our goal with more speed, money does buy tools for building more yo-yo’s, pay for ads to spread the industry to similar markets, and help support the active existing community by providing funds and products to contests to give away or use to market their own event.

The process of building this business has already brought me to learn many  new things and the lessons whether positive or negative in their happenings have overall helped me grow as a person, and I’m excited to share that process with anyone who wants to hear it. If you haven’t yet signed up for our newsletter please consider doing so, that and this website are the best way to stay in the loop with Burgeon Yo-Yos.

One more thing I want to note is while I am willing to launch the ship before I’m done building it when it comes to things like website and fan pages I do not do that when it comes to products meant for the public to consume. This is why we had to take the Sprout back to the drawing board for its weight distribution. While we wait on that we have released a more traditional wooden yo-yo that I am making myself on the lathe. They are heavier for a wooden yo-yo but they play quite well for fixie style tricks. If you have any inclination to learn that style please consider buying one of ours, for a little extra we will even customize it for you!

That’s all for now, I will continue to improve the site, our products, and everything else about this process as much as I can whenever I can. I believe that incremental improvements over time make anything possible, so I will just keep on improving things until we get there!

Michael Montgomery

About Michael Montgomery

Michael Montgomery is the owner of Burgeon Yo-Yos and Little Oak. Both of which are businesses he is building to further his passions.