This yo-yo is called Roots. Or the Roots. I never know if you’re supposed to put ‘the’ in front of your product’s name. Anyways… I hand make these yo-yo’s, I use a hole saw to cut my initial blanks and then put them on the lathe and turn them into this shape. The reason we are calling this yo-yo the Roots is because it is the foundation of it all. It is a variable we can have complete control over as a company. We can even make the string ourselves if we wanted to! (We don’t want to, please don’t make us…)

This yo-yo is solid. It’s not floaty. I don’t care what the reviewers in the future say, it’s just a heavy wooden yo-yo and it plays surprisingly well. Because of its heft it spins for quite a long time. I am currently using bamboo dowels as the axles for these so the smoothness causes it to spin quite well. I’ve had a couple of instances where a bind was required. (May need to adjust the design slightly…)

As you can see this is an ongoing process. If you look through the pictures you’ll notice there are dates on each yo-yo. That is to help people pick out where something falls in the timeline of this process. As the company grows and my (hopefully our if I can somehow trick my kids and wife into working for free) ability and skill improve these will become sought after pieces, which will make their releases even more fun.

Initially I will just leave the floodgates open. If everyone and their uncle wants to buy a yo-yo and is fine waiting a month because 1000 people are in line ahead of them, that’s cool with me.

So I’ve said it a few times now, I wonder if that’s enough to get google to give me free traffic so I can sell more hand made yo-yos. Anyways, every one of these are made by hand (now would be a good time to mention these yo-yos are made to order, please allow five 5 days to manufacture, customize, package, and ship your yo-yo to you.)

So here are a few videos I think you should see before you buy one of these yo-yo’s. The first one is the making of the yo-yo, Well the first two are. The one above is  9 minutes long and shows a lot more of what’s going on. The second one is a 1 minute version of it I created for Instagram. I like it more because stuff is happening faster but because I eventually want to talk in these videos the 9 minute ones will continue happening…

Making Roots,

(9 minute version)

Making roots,


Customized Roots,

$15 bucks more and we’ll give your coolest ideas our best effort. Just keep it family friendly.

P.s. I won’t sell you a yo-yo that you can’t play with. I personally test each yo-yo and ensure they work before packaging them up.

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